Blast Freezers


Staying ahead of food legislation in your commercial kitchen is key: it really can make or break the success of your catering business.

Blast freezers provide you with the means to ensure that food is cooled quickly and effectively, minimising the risk of bacteria and making food safe to store and defrost when required. Reducing the temperature of your cooked food swiftly is crucial to maintaining the highest levels of safety and is something any good commercial kitchen strives for. Buy your blast freezer through Browns Refrigeration today and keep your customers healthy, happy and coming back – and your kitchen staff as calm as possible!

Browns Refrigeration have been experts in the field of refrigeration for over 20 years. We supply commercial kitchens with the highest quality equipment to help you run your business to the best of its potential.

Get in touch today to find out more about the range of products and prices available to you. With experts on-hand to offer the best advice for your individual setting, you will leave satisfied, and with the best product for your workspace. Call Browns Refrigeration today and get a fantastic deal on our blast freezers and much, much more!