Cellar cooling


For over 10 years, our team of Browns Refrigeration specialists have provided UK-based businesses with targeted commercial cooling solutions. In addition to supplying both small businesses and larger corporations with innovative air conditioning equipment, we can also equip companies with state-of-the-art cellar cooling solutions. Irrespective of whether you own a restaurant, retail establishment or office facility, our bespoke cellar cooling solutions will ensure that all your business facilities, essential equipment and company supplies are always maintained at their optimum temperature and humidity conditions.

At Browns Refrigeration we are dedicated to equipping our clients with affordable and efficient long term cooling solutions for their business establishments. As a result, we will collaborate with you in order to design and implement a cellar cooling system which has been individually tailored to complement the exact requirements of your facility.

What’s more, after we have installed your bespoke cellar cooling system we will provide your company with a conscientious and dependable maintenance program that is accompanied by a 24 hour manned telephone facility to each site. By doing so you can rest assured that, come night or day, rain or shine, our Browns Refrigeration team will be at hand to ensure your business cellar cooling system is operating to its full potential. Feel free to browse through our extensive online collection below to be matched with the ideal cellar cooling solution for your business!