Display fridges

Browns Refrigeration supply a wide range of display fridges at great prices. Our quality designs from leading suppliers will boost your sales while remaining totally reliable.

Our under-the-counter coolers present your products to customers in an eye-catching way. The units sit just below eye level at the bar and are designed in a bright and clean manner to draw attention and provide a total storage solution.

Our wide range of single, double and triple glass door fridges mean maximum capacity for a low cost; the tall, sleek design of these units can hold a deep range of stock, with our largest glass door unit able to hold six rows of your chosen product. This kind of capacity makes these units essential for retailers, such as bars and restaurants, with large chilled inventories.

Multideck fridges emphasise quality and presentation. The wide, open design pulls in customers, encouraging interaction with the product and boosting sales. For retailers who lack the space or the stock for glass door units, multidecks are an excellent option.

Solid door fridges lie at the heart of any commercial kitchen. Our range offers the space that a busy kitchen needs, along with high standards of freshness and reliability. Our fridges will perform for you every time, ensuring you can focus on what’s important – fantastic service for your customers.

Display Fridges